Information on Solis MMC for Young People

SOLIS MMC has a number of residential units located in Ireland. Your social worker has arranged your placement with us and we want this to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for you. The placement gives you the chance to live in a homely base and you will be supported by staff who care about your future.

What will I be doing?

SOLIS MMC is committed to providing you with a programme which is unique to you and which focuses on your lifestyle, likes and interests. We will aim to provide you with structure and a positive routine and with opportunities for new experiences; to discover and develop your talents and acquire the skills required for adulthood and independence.

With regards to children with physical disability, staff understand the particular challenges faced and are innovative in making suitable arrangements to facilitate and encourage interests relating to play, recreation, leisure and travel.

Depending on your age, ability and interests, your programme plan with Solis MMC may entail some of the following:

  • Facilitating your education, if you have an educational placement or help find you an educational placement.
  • Assisting you to engage with the local community and perhaps join groups of interest to you such as sport or dance.
Go-Karting10 Pin BowlingCycling
  • Going on activities such as:
    • Quad biking
    • Go-Karting
    • Horse-Riding
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Tennis
    • Ice Skating
    • Bowling
    • Arts & Crafts
  • Developing life skills and independent living skills through:
    • Menu planning
    • Grocery shopping
    • Going for meals
    • Undertaking budgeting plans
  • Providing day to day support through
    • Having your own key worker
    • Taking part in house meetings

Where will I be living?

SOLIS MMC has a number of residential units located in Ireland and you will be placed in one of these which will best suit your needs. You will be provided with your own bedroom, which you may personalise to reflect your own taste. You will also be afforded with an appropriate level of privacy.

Refer to the ‘Residential Centres‘ section of the website for further information on the units.

What happens next?

As part of the transition process we would like you to come for a pre-admission visit where you can meet the staff, other young people, where relevant, and see the house. Where possible, it would be beneficial for you to have an overnight visit prior to moving in so you are familiar with the setting.

Young Person’s Feedback

The following comments have been received from young people placed at Solis MMC:

  • ‘I loved it… had a great time.’
  • ‘The programme kept me occupied and took my mind off other issues.’
  • ‘The placement helped me move on and manage my behaviour.’
  • ‘It was the best placement I have been in.’
  • ‘I found the programme very rehabilitating; after spending my weeks here I have found myself way happier and enjoying myself.’
  • ‘The staff team are really helpful.’
  • ‘The staff were excellent. Thank you for making a huge impact in my life.’

A poem from a young person residing with SOLIS MMC.

“Being in care is rough moving home to home is rough.
Causing a lot of trouble, thought I had nothing to loose.
Then I came to Solis MMC and realised I could choose.
They helped me see that when you put the effort in a new start can begin.

Sometimes you think social care workers look after us
because they get paid well, someday those thoughts
will fade because the staff here do all they can they
even helped me get a better plan for when I go home.

I think this really is the only home where I’ve actually
wanted to stay but I’ll take all the good memories with
me and remember them every day.

This placement has made me stronger and more mature and my head, less sore.

So pack your bags and come along because
there’s nowhere else I’d rather be then Solis MMC.”