Social Workers

Solis MMC Children’s Services place emphasis on consistent quality work with young people in need within a high support setting, using a strength-based approach and a person-centred culture in order to maximise the potential of each young person using our service. It is our aim to continue to support young people and provide the best possible care whilst working in collaboration with the TUSLA and other relevant agencies.

We recognise that each young person who avails of our service is unique; hence, we tailor our service to meet such individual need. We do so through the creation of a comprehensive Placement Plan, which outlines the objectives of the placement, the support which will be provided to the young person and the realistic time-frame in which we will aim to meet the objectives. Areas covered in the Placement Plan will have a direct correlation to the young person’s Care Plan and will be specific to the young person based on areas including Activities, Education, Family Relationships, Health, Safety, Independent Living Skills and Social Skills. The Placement Plan will form the basis of all work with the young person and will be a clear guide for Weekly Plans as well as Individual Work and Keywork. It will also provide a basis for our analysis and measurement of a young person’s progress. Social Workers will then receive specific feedback on a frequent basis, both verbally and written, in the form of weekly and/or monthly progress reports.

In assessing which of our residential centres is best for you, we have provided a breakdown of each, outlining the location and purpose and function of each.

Referral Process

Solis MMC Children’s Services accept referrals from the Private Placement Team in accordance with the National Private Placement Protocols.