Parents & Carers

Solis MMC Children’s Services respect and value the vital role that parents/carers play in the lives of a young person and recognise that in order to maximise the potential of a young person, a holistic approach is required. This means that we will be working in collaboration with all interested parties, most importantly parents/carers to ensure that the needs of the young person are best met. Parents/carers will play a vital role in supporting the placement, and working with their child and staff to ensure that young people realise their potential and accomplish their goals.

Who will be looking after your child?

Solis MMC Children’s Services prides itself on having a loyal, dedicated staff team who make it their goal to enrich the lives of young people and work with commitment to address their needs. All staff are qualified and the team is made up of many different skills and backgrounds such as Social Care, Teachers, and Social Workers. We also employ the services of a consultant psychologist, who oversees all placement plans as well as meeting all young people on a regular basis.

What will your child be doing?

We recognise that all young people are unique with specific needs and it is our goal to ensure that these needs are addressed. We aim to provide a nurturing environment, where young people can feel safe, valued and recognised. A daily and weekly programme will be encouraged by staff, with the aim of providing a structure that best meets your child’s needs. This may include:

  • a formal educational component;
  • weekly activities such as football, golf, swimming, bowling etc;
  • individual work sessions;
  • key working sessions;
  • day trips.